With increasing demands and regulations in water resource management, Horrocks is well-versed in the legal, economic, political, and environmental changes and requirements surrounding this valuable resource. Our Water Resource and Wastewater Engineering Services include:
  • Water Master Planning and Modeling
  • Studies and Planning for Culinary and Secondary Water
  • Pipeline Design
  • Irrigation Design
  • River Diversions
  • Canals
  • Dams
  • Storm Drainage
  • Water Storage Facilities
  • Well and Spring Development
  • Pump Stations
  • Source Protection
  • Water Treatment
  • Metering Stations
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Water Rights
Water Storage Facilities - Horrocks Engineers offers a full range of experience with water storage facilities. Our experience covers structural inspection and evaluation, planning, modeling, sizing, funding, permitting, surveying, design, construction management, and inspection for all types of tank projects. We have worked with Conventional concrete, prestressed concrete, and metal tanks, as well as open topped tanks and reservoirs for secondary systems. The following is a list of our most recent storage experience:
  • Spanish Fork Sterling Hollow 5MG Tank
  • DCUCWCD Three(3) 0.4 MG Tanks
  • Pine Meadows 0.5 MG Tank
  • Fruitland Service District 1.0 MG Tank
  • Francis 0.5 MG Tank
  • Alpine Secondary Irrigation System 1.5 MG Tank
  • Heber 2 MG Tank
  • LDS Church Camp 0.5 Tank
  • Hanna Water and Sewer 1 MG Tank
  • Pleasant Grove 5 MG Manila Tank
  • Swiss Alpine Estates 0.5 MG Tank
  • Timberlakes 0.5 MG Tank
Well and Spring Development -
We have been locating and designing new sources of water for communities throughout Utah for more than 30 years. In the past five years we have completed over 30 water source projects. The following table provides a brief summary of recently completed and ongoing well and spring projects. More detailed information on each job is available upon request. The following is a partial list of our recent well experience:
  • Sandy City Bicentennial Well Rehab
  • Valley View Well, Pleasant Grove City
  • Cow Canyon Springs, Uinta Basin
  • WBWCD North Ogden Well, North Ogden
  • Ranch Drive Well and 300 East Well Rebuild, Alpine City
  • Sandy Wells Fluoride Injection (7 Sites) and Sandy Well Modification (3 Wells)
  • JVWCD Ten Well Sites - Drainage
  • Murray City Fluoridation (8 Sites)
  • Healey Well, Alpine City
  • Cove Springs, LDS Church Heber Valley Family/Youth Camp
  • Stockmore and Gines Wells, Hanna Water & Sewer
Wasatch County Water Efficiency Project - Horrocks Engineers provided design and construction engineering services for the Wasatch County Water Efficiency Project in the Heber Valley. The project consisted of 53 miles of distribution pipeline to deliver pressurized irrigation to Heber Valley, rehabilitation of aging irrigation canals, Provo River diversions, pump stations, storage reservoirs, and right-of-way identification. The projected water conservation resulting from this project is 23,650 acre-feet. The conserved water will be used to supplement flows of some of the Heber Valley streams, including Spring Creek, Lower Lake Creek, London Ditch, Creamery Ditch, as well as the Provo River.
LDS Church Family/Youth Camp Watsewater Treatment Plant - The LDS Church contracted with Horrocks Engineers to design a sewer treatment facility that would treat, exclusively, wastewater from the camp facilities. Our engineers designed a compact treatment plant that utilized innovative power saving, low maintenance, and environmentally friendly technologies. Primary treatment is accomplished using active sludge STM Aerotors and will be only the second such facility to operate in Utah. The effluent disposal system is a drip disposal system and will be the first of its kind used in Utah for treatment plant effluent. It encourages plant growth in the area and minimizes ground water infiltration of harmful nutrients. The treatment plant allows flexibility in operation to accommodate varying seasonal flows.
Pine Meadow Mutual Water Company - Horrocks Engineers has been working on the Pine Meadow Water System since 1998. During the first phases of work, a Water System Master Plan was prepared to guide the Company in the upgrade and maintenance of the system. Design plans have been prepared on a yearly basis as funds became available to complete the system. In 2005, the Company explored options to fund the remainder of the master plan projects. Funding was available through the Division of Drinking Water SRF Loan Program. Horrocks Engineers has guided the Company through the funding process preparing the required engineering studies; design plans and specifications to enable the load to be approved and begin construction of the project. Our current design project on the system includes construction of a new 0.5MG concrete storage tank and replacing approximately 65,000 feet of water transmission and distribution line in which we will also provide construction management services.
Timpanogos Special Service Plant Expansion - In 1995, Horrocks Engineers, together with Carollo Engineers, designed the 1996 Plant Expansion project which included an inlet splitter box, headworks, four oxidation ditches, clarifiers, and drying beds. In addition, the expansion included significant modifications to the plant dissinfection system, including a sodium hypochlorite generator and a high pressure UV reactor. During the design of the facilities, it was determined that the County would require the complete reconstruction of the existing chlorination facilities. The chlorine contact basins were replaced with an ultra violet reactor. However, to maintain minimum algae levels within the plant, chlorine was needed. Therefore, a sodium hypochlorite generating system was designed and constructed. The treatment plant expansion was completed ahead of schedule and under budget.